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William F. McKerney (March 29, 1878 – November 1943) was the paternal great great-grandfather of Cometan. Born in Preston, Lancashire, William married Margaret Jane Hope in April 1899 and fathered his daughter, Edith (1908 – 1987), the great-grandmother of Cometan. His father was named Hugh McKerney and his mother, Alice Sarginson. It is likely that William’s middle name was Frank, although this has yet to be verified. 

The maternal great-grandmother of Cometan, Jane Turner, is known to have had a vision of William McKerney as they knew one another, having lived in the same village of Higher Walton, while on her deathbed which is now called the Great Heaven Vision. Jane experienced a vision that involved seeing William McKerney in the distance surrounding by light saying not to worry about dying and that “it is wonderful over here.” This has been interpreted by the Astronist Institution as William McKerney’s experience of bliss. Jane told her husband Richard Cottam of her vision of William and Richard relaid this story to his daughter Hilda who in turn told Cometan about it directly.

In Cometanic ancestry, William is classified as part of the 4th generation retrograde, thus categorising his as an ancestor of Cometan. 

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