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This article is about the fictional Spacefaring World of the Jesse Millette franchise.
However, some elements of this article may be in reference to the non-fictional beliefs held
within Astronism which should be indicated wherever relevant.

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Not to be confused with the Spacefaring World franchise.

The spacefaring world refers to the society, era, environment, and cultural sphere in which Jesse Millette and all other Millettarian characters live. It is set both on and off-Earth in a future period in which spacefaring has recently become commodified and available to the masses.

Vast swathes of the population are either signing up to participate in government-run space programmes, or are attempting to leave The Earth in their own spacecraft bound for far-away star systems. Those without funds for their own spacecraft attempt to strike up deals with spacefarers to have them join aboard a private spacecraft, often illegally as stowaways.

It is a world in which religious belief, cultural identity, the political landscape and once-engrained social norms are undergoing a rapid transformation. The psychological and emotional effects on the populous is self-evident as many people express their discontent with remaining on The Earth while their friends and family start new lives on other worlds.

Throughout towns and cities and in the media, advertising is centred around the spacefaring culture with private companies offering tickets to Mars and other worlds in exchange for large sums of money. Such advertisements are often pivoted around the notion of receiving a new life or escape the clutches of oppressive governments, but equally, this opens opportunities for criminals to escape capture by transporting themselves to new worlds and going into hiding.

An illegal underbelly full of deceit, corruption, and gangsters emerges as part of the spacefaring industry and causes significant difficulty for governments to police.


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Purpose behind the spacefaring world

Cometan created the spacefaring world as a prophecy of what the real-world will come to be like once both the mass astronisation of society and the Astronomic Revolution have occurred. For this reason, there many instances in which Astronic cultural elements and those from the non-fictional Millettarian culture itself can be clearly identified as existing within the spacefaring world, such as the widespread practice and adherence to the Astronist religion. It was after his creation and depiction of the spacefaring world that Cometan was recognised as prophet both within and outside of Astronism.

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