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Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.

Astronic philosophy

Cosmic philosophy

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Astronist philosophy

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Millettic / Millettarian philosophy

Astronic religions


Institutional Astronism / Millettarian Tradition (Institutional denominations)


Non-Institutional Astronism

Pre-Cometanic forms
Astrolatrism · Astrology

Space religion

Astronic mythology
Astronist mythology
Astronic ideology
Astronarianism · Spacism
A space religion is a term for a category of religions that encompasses, but is not exclusive to the Astronic religions; essentially, all Astronic religions can be described as space religions while not all space religions can be accurately described as part of the Astronic tradition. A space religion is characterised by a distinct focus on

The main group of religions that are space religions, but are not also Astronic, are the many UFO religions which were excluded from the Astronic tradition by Cometan as its organiser due to the consensus that such religions undermined the seriousness of the advanced philosophy developed within Astronism.

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