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Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.

Astronic philosophy

Cosmic philosophy

Anthropological · Cosmological · Multifarious · Phenomenal · Progenial · Terrestrial

Astronist philosophy

Axiology · Aesthetics · Anthropology · Deontology · Dysteleology · Epistemology · Ethics · Logic · Metaphilosophy · Metaphysics · Phenomenology · Philosophy of religion · Ontology · Teleology

Millettic / Millettarian philosophy

Astronic religions


Institutional Astronism / Millettarian Tradition (Institutional denominations)


Non-Institutional Astronism

Pre-Cometanic forms
Astrolatrism · Astrology

Space religion

Astronic mythology
Astronist mythology
Astronic ideology
Astronarianism · Spacism
Space philosophy, or the Space Movement as it may also be known, is the collection of individuals and organisations and their beliefs, ideologies, policies, and theories regarding humanity's exploration of space. Space philosophy is classified as part of the Astronic philosophy alongside the other branches of cosmic philosophy, Astronist philosophy, and Millettic philosophy.

The origins of space philosophy are pre-Astronist with its specific roots largely difficult to pinpoint depending on the definition ascribed to space philosophy and the variances in its organisation. Unorganised premodern forms of space philosophy could be argued to have emerged around the time of astrology's emergence in Mesopotamia and Babylonia. Meanwhile, modern organised space philosophy can be regarded as formed following the beginning of the Space Age after the first moon landing.

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