This is an official definition authorised by the Astronist Institution in the First Edition of The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism.

Scope of man


the awakening of humankind's existential relationship (sidereancy) with the astronomical world, as followed by the Enkindlement (the bestowal of astronality).

Other phrases

  • Scope of Man | noun
  • discovery of astronality | noun
  • realisation of astronality | noun
  • scope of humanity | noun
  • scope of humankind | noun
  • the Scope | noun


  • Scopic | skəʊpɪk | adjective
  • Scoparian | skəʊpˈɛːrɪən | adjective

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the word scope is used in the sense that it means "opportunity" while "of man" denotes in relation to humanity as a whole; similar in style to the Christian doctrine fall of man.
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