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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The scope of man, sometimes simply called the Scope, is foremost of the of man doctrines of Astronism. It principally describes the moment of humanity's transition from a sentient species to a sapient one and is an important part of the Astronist Sideresis. This transition is regarded as having been triggered by the activities of the Aurignacians of the Upper Palaeolithic period in their tilting of their heads to the stars (an act called cephaloncy) which lead to the first experience of astronality.

The scope of man is studied as part of protoanthropology but it has held a significant impact across both astroeschatology and astrosoteriology, as well as the broader Astronist belief system.

Other appellations

  • Discovery of astronality
  • (in some schools of thought) First Scope
  • Original Scope
  • Realisation of astronality
  • Scope of humanity
  • Scope of humankind
  • Scope of mankind
  • the Realisation

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