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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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In Astronism, salvation is made intrinsic to that of transcension; from the Astronist perspective, the salvation of humankind is inextricably linked with deep space exploration and as such, the achievement of transcension itself. In Astronism, salvation and transcension are one and the same; intertwined and indivisible. As a result, the Astronist definition of salvation is the redemption of humanity from its confinement upon the singular world of the Earth through the disclosure of astronomical mysteries and the realisation of the human position in The Cosmos.

There are two main stages in achieving salvation and transcension; the first is realisation which is the initial stage and involves the necessary need for humanity to first realise its inferior position of authority and significance in relation to The Cosmos and the second is the subsumption of humanity into The Cosmos through the acceptance of cosmic facts (which mirrors the Subsumption of Cometan) so as to achieve astrosis, which transcension (and indeed salvation), is the collective form of. 

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