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History of Astronism

The Founding of Astronism · The Establishment of Astronism
Main contributors
Cometan · Cosma
Main practices and beliefs
Cosmocentricity · Sentientism · Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos · Millettarian cosmology · Millettarian worldview · Astrolatry · Astromancy · Cosmomancy · Astrocentricity
Primary works
The Grand Centrality · The Omnidoxy · The Grand Lexicon of Millettology

The Quest for the Ultimation is a subera in the History of Astronism occurring between the latter years of The Founding of Astronism and ending sometime during the early years of The Establishment of Astronism era. It involved Cometan's intensive search for what he referred to as "the ultimation", a state or existence achievable through the practice and beliefs within Astronism and the aspect upon which Astronism would be based.

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