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The placement of man, sometimes simply called the Placement, or the placing of man, is the process of the redemption of humankind through Astronism from its lapsed state of self-worship and self-concern (called the Controversion) which resulted in humanity's condition of antipode from the astronomical world. Through the Astronist system, an emphasis is placed on humanity's proximation towards and subsumption into the astronomical world, thus repairing the antipodal condition in the process and then allowing for the elevation of man to commence as a part of the broader process of transcension.

The placement of man involves many different necessary processes. The term placementation denotes these many different processes when regarded collectively.

Formalised belief in or association with the doctrine of the placement of man is called positarianism.

Processes within the placement of man

The use of brackets denote conditions reached as distinct from processes.

  • Recultivation – restoration of the relationship between humanity and the astronomical world.
  • Reastration – restoring this relationship through belief in and practice of Astronism.
  • Potentialisation – redemption from the Controversion through the provisions of the conferments of scope, stellancy and astronality and Astronism's emphasis on the fulfilment of human potential.
  • [Occhiolity] – the redeemed state of humanity from the Antipode yet prior to the Resumption of transcension.
  • Resumption – the recommencement of humanity's course to transcension.
  • Placement of man – the successful placementation of humankind.
  • [Supersedence of man] – the readiness for humanity to make the right decision at Twilightide, namely vesperism.

Other appellations

  • the Great Placement
  • Placement of humanity
  • Placement of humankind
  • Placement of mankind
  • Placing of humanity
  • Placing of humankind
  • Placing of mankind


  • Placemental (adjective)
  • Placementally (adverb)
  • Placementational (adjective)
  • Placementationally (adverb)
  • Positarian – relating to the placement of man or denoting a person who believes in the placement of man.

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