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Philosophy of abundance 

  • relating to the notion that humans do not currently hold the mental capacity to truly comprehend the abundance of all things existing even within The Cosmos let alone The Universe. 
  • a branch of cosmic philosophy related to the study of abundance; abundology.

Physical abundance - one of the three levels of understanding abundance involving the scales and amounts of physical attributes of the subject, typically by visualisation. 

Mental abundance - also referred to as abstract abundance, one of the three levels of understanding abundance involving a person’s ability or inability to accurately and realistically comprehend scales and amounts of something mentally.  

Cosmic abundance - also referred to as cosmical abundance, one of the three levels of understanding abundance involving the ability or inability to perceive and comprehend the abundance of The Cosmos as a whole rather than the abundance of its composite parts; considered to be an unattainable feat in realistic terms due to the movement of galaxies out of our physical observation range and due to the constant expansion of The Cosmos.