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Part of a series on Millettarian cosmology and

The Cosmos

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Elements of The Cosmos
Phenomena · Progeny · Complexity · Depadethicity · Divinological aseity · Divinological ambiguity · Divinological impassibility · Divinological mercilessness · Divinological infinity · Divinological transcendence · Divinological eternality · Dedivination
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The Natures of The Divine · Supratraditionalisation · The Five Lost Ologies · Anthropomorphisation · Anthropopathism · Millettarian theology · God in Millettism · Anthropocentralisation · Anthropomorphism in Millettism · Aniconism in Millettism · Evility · Faith in Millettism · Depictions of The Divine

Perimetric cosmology - a cosmological theory focused on the notion that the periphery of The Cosmos is the central element. 

Extrinsic perimeter - the stance holding that the edge of The Cosmos holds no essentiality to the functionalities, or the orderities of The Cosmos, and neither to its overall naturity.

Constant motionality - the stance holding that the perimeter of The Cosmos is expanding, has expanded, and shall continue to expand at the same speed.

Accelerating motionality - the stance holding that the motionality of the perimeter of The Cosmos is expanding at a continuously accelerating rate; the imnemnic view generally favours that of Accelerating Motionality, but like many of the other scientific knowledges and theories relating to The Cosmos, they too are always susceptible to newfound knowledges and proven theories.

Perimetrical Collapse - also referred to as the progenitorial collapse, relates to the process of diminishment, specifically directed towards the edge of The Cosmos as a separate consideration from the progeny within the perimeter and from The Cosmos itself. 

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