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List page provides an overview of the myriad of beliefs forming Astronism according to a variety of variables including the follow:

  • by concentricity
  • by naturality
  • by palpability

Astronist belief by concentricity

Main article: Religious concentricity

Astronist core

Astronist miderior

Astronist periphery

Astronist beliefs by naturality

Main article: Religious naturality

Naturalistic beliefs in Astronism

Main article: Astronist naturalism

Preternatural beliefs in Astronism

Main article: Astronist preternaturalism

Supernatural beliefs in Astronism

Main article: Astronist supernaturalism

Astronist beliefs by omnidoxicality

One another important and frequently referenced form of categorisation of the beliefs of Astronism is to split them between omnidoxicality and post-omnidoxicality, the former includes beliefs mentioned in the Omnidoxy, all of which are of Cometanic origin, while the latter includes beliefs that emerged after the completion of the Omnidoxy either from Cometanic or non-Cometanic sources. There is a third category known as pre-omnidoxicality which includes all beliefs that were incorporated into Astronism, but hold their origins elsewhere in non-Cometanic sources.

Pre-Omnidoxical beliefs in Astronism

Omnidoxical beliefs in Astronism

Post-omnidoxical beliefs in Astronism

Astronist beliefs by palpability

Main article: Religious palpability

Astronist consequential beliefs (beliefs of personal and existential significance):

Astronist fathomable beliefs (understandable beliefs that lack personalism but are not overtly impersonal):

Astronist intangible beliefs (impersonal beliefs not immediately relevant to existential self):

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