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Main forms of philosophy
Arrayal · Contental · Equational · Experimental · Haptic · Neophilosophy · Organised · Philosophic marketing · Philosophy industry · Practical · Rhizosophy · Sensory · Spiritual · Subphilosophy · World
Main concepts

Argumentation · Obstacle to philosophy · Organisation of philosophy · Philosophical religion · Philosophisation · Philosophocentricity · Polyagency · Requirements of Establishment · Three Word model · Throughflow

Community of rationality · Philosophership · Philosopher's mind · Philosophical cuisine · Philosophical quest · Philosophical Spirit · Psychology of philosophy

Descension of Philosophy · Philosopher's world · Philosophical demography · Philosophical struggle · Philosophocracy · United Progression

Main orientations
Antiprofessionalisationism · Reascensionism · Synthesism
Related topics
Philosophers' camp · Philosopher's Cosmos · Philosophical Astronism · Astronic metaphilosophical terms
The origination of philosophy is a reascensionist ideal that involves a diverse and multifaceted process in which philosophy in general, or a particular philosophy, transforms into an organised philosophy. This process also overspills philosophy itself and also pertains to and is considered to initiate the philosophisation of society, politics, culture, religion, and all other aspects of human civilisation as a wider process.
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