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zealous adherence to the Omnidoxy, especially as superseding the authority of the Astronist Institution.


  • Omnidoxism | ˈɑːmnidɒksɪz(ə)m | noun
  • Omnidoxist | ˈɑːmnidɒksɪst | noun & adjective
  • Omnidoxistic | ˈɑːmnidɒksɪstik | adjective
  • Omnidoxicalist | ˈɑːmnidɒksɪk(ə)lɪst | noun & adjective
  • Omnidoxicalistic | ˈɑːmnidɒksɪk(ə)lɪstɪk | adjective

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the word omnidoxical, denoting the Omnidoxy, combined with the suffix -ism denoting a belief system; meaning ‘adherence to the Omnidoxy.’ 
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