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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Non-theistic transcensionism is one of the three major belief orientations within wider transcensionism that neither affirms the existence of God, nor denies it but also does not incorporate any role or existence of God into its transcensionist beliefs. This is therefore distinct from theistic transcensionism and atheistic transcensionism. The argument that the Millettarian Tradition's default orientation with regards to transcensionism has always been of a non-theistic nature is a debate that continues to rage on.

Arguments in favour of the non-theism present in standard transcensionism are supported by a distinct lack of definition regarding the role and functionality of a creator God in the concepts and beliefs of transcensionism. Supporters of this argument have gone further to notionise that due to the centrality of transcensionism to Astronism, this proves the non-theistic orientation of the entire philosophy.

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