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Britannia, the ship from Liverpool to New York City that the Moon family travelled on from 6th June to 20th July 1840 as the first step of their journey as Mormon pioneers.

The Moon family emigration was an emigration of some members of a family of farmers and labourers from Lancashire, England –– called the Moons –– to the United States of America. It began in 1840 as a result of their conversion namely from Methodism and Anglicanism to the then newly formed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Surviving members of the Moon family would go on to become prominent leaders in the Latter-day saint movement, including Bishop Henry Moon, and following an arduous series of journeys eastward across the United States eventually settled with most other Mormons in what would become the U.S. state of Utah.


Family sections

  • Anglican Moons
    • Eccleston Moons (Henry Moon, Robert Moon, Hannah Moon etc.)
    • Penwortham Moons (Thomas Moon, Lydia Plumb, Ruth Moon, Margaret Moon, Lydia Ann Moon etc.)
  • Methodist Moons (Matthew Matthias Moon, Lydia Moon, Alice Plumb etc.)

Ships travelled

  • Britannia (1840) which took the Anglican Eccleston Moons and Methodist Moons from Liverpool to New York.
  • Hope (1842) which took Anglican Penwortham Moons from Liverpool to New Orleans.


Pre-pioneer Mormons (English Mormons who did not emigrate to the United States):

  • Matthias Matthew Moon (due to his death in 1939)
  • Hannah Moon (daughter of Robert Moon)

First generation pioneers:

  • Alice Moon (née Plumb; wife of aforementioned Matthias)
  • Thomas Moon (brother of aforementioned Matthias)
  • Lydia Moon (wife of aforementioned Thomas)

Second generation pioneers (indentation denotes not biologically related to Cometan):

  • Lydia Moon (daughter of aforementioned Matthias, wife of Henry Moon)
  • Henry Moon
    • Temperence Westwood (wife of aforementioned Henry)
    • Mary Ann Thayne (wife of aforementioned Henry)
  • Hannah Moon (daughter of aforementioned Matthias)
  • Dorothy Moon (daughter of aforementioned Matthias)
  • Alice Jane Moon (daughter of aforementioned Matthias)
  • Thomas Moon (son of aforementioned Matthias)
  • William Moon (son of aforementioned Matthias)
  • Hugh Matthias Moon (son of aforementioned Matthias)
    • Jenet Nicol (wife of Hugh)
    • Elizabeth Kemmish (wife of Hugh)
    • Maria Emeline Mott (wife of Hugh)
  • Lydia Ann Moon (daughter of Thomas Moon)
  • Margaret Moon (daughter of Thomas Moon, wife of William Clayton)
    • William Clayton
  • Ruth Moon (daughter of Thomas Moon, wife of William Clayton)

Third generation pioneers:

  • John Thomas Moon (son of Henry and Lydia Moon)
    • Catherine Duncan (wife of John Thomas)
  • Joseph Henry Moon (son of Henry and Lydia Moon)
    • Alice Jane Pulley (wife of Joseph Henry)

Moon connections to Cometan

Cometan is related to the Moon family through his maternal grandfather, William Warbrick, whose own grandmother was Elizabeth Moon, a non-Mormon member of the Moon family from Eccleston, Lancashire. Cometan discovered his connections to the "Mormon Moons" as part of his First Phase of Ancestral Investigation in 2019, but it was only during his Second Phase, which began in October 2020, that a more detailed understanding of the lives of this branch of the Moon family came to light.

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