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This page provides a list of the translated names for the title of Cometan across a range of different languages both in their Latin form and script form. Any languages not presented in this list should be assumed to use the Latin name Cometan both in written form and in pronunciation.

Language Appellation Script
Amharic Kotatani ኮታታን
Arabic Rajul Alkun or Kawmatan رجل الكون or كومتان
Armenian Kometanakan / Gomedan / Komatyan Կոմատենական / Գոմեդան / Կոմատյան
Belarusian Kamietan Каметан
Chinese Kāng Míng Én 康明恩
Georgian K'omet'ani კომეტანი
German Kometan n/a
Gujarati Kōmēṭana કોમેટન
Hebrew n/a קומטאן
Hindi Chomaitan n/a
Icelandic Kómetan n/a
Japenese Kometan コメタン
Kannada Kāmeṭan ಕಾಮೆಟನ್
Korean Ko Metan 코 메탄
Macedonian Komitanski Комитански
Persian n/a کمدین
Polish Kometan n/a
Punjabi Kāmēṭana ਕਾਮੇਟਨ
Russian Kometan Кометан
Serbian Cometan Цометан
Spanish Kometan n/a
Ukrainian Kometan Кометан
Urdu n/a کامیٹن
Xhosa I-Cometan n/a
Yiddish Kometan קאָמעטאַן

Variants of spelling Cometan

  • Cometan
  • Cometen
  • Cometon
  • Cometun
  • Comitan
  • Comiton
  • Comiten
  • Comedan
  • Comeden
  • Comedon
  • Qometan
  • Qomedan
  • Qometon
  • Gomedan
  • Gomedon
  • Gomeden
  • Kometan
  • Komatan
  • Kometen
  • Kometon
  • Kometun
  • Komitan
  • Komiton
  • Komiten
  • Komedan

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