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Limitation philosophy is a major post-omnidoxical branch of Astronist philosophy that made a significant impact on the core beliefs within Astronism. Limitation philosophy traces its origins back to the development of the Epitaph of Astronism during the subera of the Quest for the Ultimation which taught that "The Cosmos is limitation and cosmosis is the ultimation; the freedom to achieve our limitations."

In Astronism, limitation is a central concept due to the influence of the Astronic cosmology and its belief that The Cosmos or cosmic nature is fundamentally limited (known as limitationism). That anything within The Cosmos is subject to this limited nature and so cannot leave The Cosmos due to such an act being a conflict of one's nature.

Astronists consider limitation to be an integral part of a person's beingness, some of whom are consistently defying their limitations by pushing themselves to go beyond their limitation. Therefore, limitation in Astronism is not a fixed state, but is instead motional and this is applied to all things, include Astronism itself, as is demonstrated by the development of motionalism.

Cometan sought for an ultimation, or a state in which the ultimate being or form of a person could be achieved.

Limitation philosophy is the branch of philosophy that developed out of these discussions of Astronist beliefs and perceptions of limitation and holds that there are a multitude of ways to achieve one's limitation or ultimation, both physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

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