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Astronism by country
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Life of Cometan

Astronism by countryCometan the Contemplator. Late 2019.

Early Life of Cometan
Adolescent Life of Cometan
Incumbency of Cometan

The Year of The Gift
Commencement of Ideation
The First Philosophisation

The Year of Ignorance
Isolation of Cometan
Materiality of Cometan
Irreligiosity of Cometan

The Year of Enlightenment
Ecstasy of the Stars
Inception of the Omnidoxy
Immersion into Cosmic Philosophy
Reformulation of Philosophy
Insight of the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos
Formation of the Cosmocentric Worldview
Death of Irene Mary Taylor

The Year of Expansion
Dedication of Cometan
Ideations at the Royal Albert Hall
Emergence of the Philosophical Spirit
Indrucy of the Philosopher

The Year of Consolidation
Ecstasy of The Grand Cosmos
Publication of Jesse Millette
Beijing Visitation
Parental Reconciliation

The Year of Prolifics
Deep Space Contemplation
Ecstasy of the Spacefaring Future
Initialisation of Astronarianism
Emplacement of Astronism (astrony)
Inception of Astronism
Globalisation of Astronism (astronism by country and astrosa)
Armenian Illumination
Realisation of Transcension
Supernaturalisation of Astronism (transtellation)
Stargazing Prophecy
Emanation of Mystical Astronism
Genesis of the Nature of Astronism
Conception of Cosmosis
21st Birthday of Cometan

The Year of Completion
Dawn of the Journey to AstrosisGraduation of Cometan
Meditation on The Cosmos
Ideation of the Astronic Tradition
Vision at Po Lin Monastery
Taoist Prognostication
Reaffirmation of Astronism
Publication of the Omnidoxy
Weeping Prayer of Cometan
Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor
Re-Catholicisation of Cometan
Embarkation of Astronic Historiography


The Year of Manifestation
Eight Year Revelation

Retiral Life of Cometan

Post-incumbent life of Cometan

Post-corporeality of Cometan

Events that occurred in relation to Cometan following his death.

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The Astronist Institution interprets and understands the life of its founder, Cometan, in such a way that is particular to the beliefs upheld within Astronism, especially regarding how Astronism was founded.


Early Life of Cometan

Main article: Early Life of Cometan

Up to age 11

Adolescent Life of Cometan

Main article: Adolescent Life of Cometan

Between ages 11 and 15

Incumbency of Cometan

Main article: Incumbency of Cometan

Following Cometan's 15th birthday and signalling his dedication to a public life.

The Founding of Astronism

Main article: The Founding of Astronism

The Year of The Gift
The Year of Ignorance
The Year of Enlightenment
The Year of Expansion
The Year of Consolidation
The Year of Prolifics
The Year of Completion
The Year of Manifestation


Genealogy and Ancestry

Main articles: Genealogy of Cometan and Ancestry of Cometan

The genealogy of Cometan was first explored by Cometan himself during The Year of Completion as part of the first ancestral investigation during which time Cometan is recorded as having taken two genealogy tests, one from and the other from MyHeritage. Cometan's genealogy can be described as monofilial.

Birth and Baptism

Main articles: Birth of Cometan and Baptism of Cometan

Early Life

Main article: Early Life of Cometan

The Early Life of Cometan is a category of pre-incumbential events that took place before Cometan reached the age of eleven and traditionally includes his birth, baptism, the separation of his parents, his catholicity, and his trauma.

Separation of the Parents of Cometan

Main article: Separation of the Parents of Cometan

Catholicity of Cometan

Main article: Catholicity of Cometan

Trauma of Cometan

Main article: Trauma of Cometan

Adolescent Life

Main article: Adolescent Life of Cometan

The Adolescent Life of Cometan is the second category of pre-incumbential events in the life of Cometan proceeding the Early Life of Cometan and preceding the Incumbency of Cometan. It includes events that took place during Cometan's life between the ages of eleven and fifteen and as such, is the shortest Cometanic life period.

Refusal of Cometan

Main article: Refusal of Cometan

Education of Cometan

Main article: Education of Cometan

Births of the Siblings of Cometan

Main article: Births of the Siblings of Cometan

Travel of Cometan

Main article: Travel of Cometan


Main article: Incumbency of Cometan

See also: Chronology of Cometan

The Incumbency of Cometan is the most significant period in the life of Cometan by other longevity and the amount of events classified as part of it. It encompasses the entirety of what is referred to as the "public life" of Cometan which commenced on the day of Cometan's 15th birthday with the inception of Cometan and then will only cease with the end of Cometan's padroncy.

The Founding of Astronism

Main article: The Founding of Astronism

Commencement of Ideation

Main article: Commencement of Ideation

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