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The legality of Astronism refers to whether the public or private profession of Astronist religious, philosophical, or ideological beliefs and practices are in accordance with state laws. Such legal status for Astronists various considerably by territory with punishments for conversion to Astronism ranging from fines, to imprisonments, and even death. The achievement and maintenance of Astronist legal recognition and protection is an important and ongoing function of the Astronist Institution.

Astronist legality not refers to the ability for Astronists to engage with their religious or philosophical beliefs, but also encompasses the legality of the Astronist Institution to operate in said territory. This involves the legal capacity for the Institution to print, distribute and otherwise advertise Astronist messages and materials, to organise Astronist events and to exist in online platforms such as websites and social networking sites (see Censorship of Astronism).

The legality of Astronism varies by countries for a wide set of reasons and manifests in an equally various set of forms. Some countries specifically penalise Astronism in favour of maintaining a dominant faith while other countries persecute religion in general with no penalisation of Astronists in particular.

Astrogenology is the discipline of Astronism designated to studying the global and regional landscape of Astronist legality. Although the legality of Astronism typically refers to the legal status and protections afforded or not afforded to Astronists, it remains important to highlight the social and familial factors involved in influencing the "social legality" of Astronists to self-identify freely without fear of retribution. Furthermore, the legality of Astronism is also closely related to Astronist freedom of religion by country, but in academic study, Astronist legality specifically focuses on the legal framework of different governments and how this effects both Astronist Institutional operations and Astronist practice while Astronist freedom of religion consists of a more practical and adherent-focused approach.

There are a set of important processes involved in the legality of Astronism:

Countries that are tolerant to minority religions and genuinely uphold the human right to freedom of religion are typically safe for Astronists although social and familial ostracism may still occur. The legality of Astronism is an integral part of, but should not be entirely synonymised with the recognition of Astronism by the state. To distinguish the two, the recognition of Astronism can be considered as a precursor or lesser form of the legalisation of Astronism; Astronist recognition simply involves a government's recognition of the existence of Astronists in their territory. Meanwhile, the legalisation of Astronism is a broad term as it involves the ability for the Astronist Institution to act freely and to actively engage in tirition (traditional religious missionary work) and promulgation (advertising and marketing). Essentially, a key factor signifying the legalisation of Astronism is that conversion to Astronism from another religion does not come with governmental punishment.

Legality of Astronism by country

Sovereign states

Country Legality Current stance Notes
Afghanistan Illegal Criminalisation – general religious criminalisation Afghanistan outlaws all religions except Islam. Apostasy from Islam is punishable by death.

Dependent territories

Territory Legality Current stance Notes

Disputed territories

Territory Legality Current stance Notes
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