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Jesse Millette universe · Millettarian World · Jesse Millette (book franchise)
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Jesse Millette · Harriet Millette · Ellena Chadwell · Zara Litchford · Oliver Mehler · Rose Hurst · Madelyn Hurst · Richard Millette
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Multifaricity · Inaptronymity · Appellatology · Appellation · Eponymity · Inaptronymous fault · Polynymity · Hyperappellation · Philosophomastics · Appellational derivation · Appellational category · Cryptonymity · Anthropomorphism in Millettism · Toponymity · Trade appellation · Denominationalism · Astrosa
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Pseudo-fantasy · Futurism · Realistic futurism · Spacism · Mystery · Detective fiction · Astronomic fiction · Spacefaring
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Protagonist · Deuteragonist · Tritagonist · Tetragonist · Pentagonist

The Jesse Millette franchise, also synonymously and more publicly known as the Spacefaring World, refers to the agglomeration of businesses, brands, products, and media, including books, films, television series, and social media channels which involve the Jesse Millette character, one or more of The Five Millettarian Characters, or derive from the Jesse Millette universe.