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The Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor was first conceived on 18th February 2020 and was officially launched on 16th October 2020 at the behest of her grandson, Cometan.

Irene Maria Taylor (née Hardacre; March 7, 1932 – October 16, 2015), often referred to simply as Irene Mary in Astronism, and proposed to be recognised in the Roman Catholic Church as the Venerable Irene Mary Taylor, was an English catechist, Traditionalist Catholic, and Marian devotee best remembered as the paternal grandmother of Cometan, over whose childhood she held considerable influence and which arguably lead to Cometan's own deeply religious and contemplative life.

Irene was given the religious mononym of Pacosmera within Astronism and was classified as a coportant figure in the religion for her significant, yet indirect contributions to Cometan's formation of Astronism. Irene was born to Richard and Edith Hardacre (it is from Irene's mother's name that Edie Taylorian's name is derived) in the village of Higher Walton just outside the city of Preston in Lancashire, England.

Irene had twelve children from the mid-1950s onwards after marrying Derrick Taylor in April 1954. The last of her children was born in 1970 whom she and her husband named Sean Frederick; Cometan's father. Derrick Taylor built the home 222 Longmeanygate for his wife and children and this became the main residence for the Taylor family for the next 50 years.

Irene was a deeply devoted Catholic, particularly in the later decades of her life. She was a member of the Latin Mass Society and had considerable connections to the lay Catholic organisation, Opus Dei. To commemorate her religiosity, she filled her home with various religious antiques and ornaments, built various shrines in the grounds of her home at Longmeanygate including a Marian shrine that Cometan and his cousins helped to build.

Irene also ensured that all of her grandchildren were baptised and conducted their First Holy Communions, pictures from which lined the walls of two main rooms in her home. Irene would spend hours in solitary devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary nearby the shrine she had built, it is thought in hope of receiving an apparition. Although Irene did not ever report experience an apparition, she stayed committed to her faith to the very end of her life when she died on the 16th October 2015.

Irene's deep devotion and religiosity in an age in which British society was moving away from religion only begins to demonstrate her validity for recognition from the Church. Although Irene did not ever officially join a religious community during her life, she committed herself to her Catholic faith through her dedication to bring up her children and grandchildren by teaching them Catholic traditions that were quickly being water-down and lost.

The Cause for the Beatification of Irene Mary Taylor was initiated by her grandson, Cometan, on 18th February 2020. It is yet to become officially adopted by the Catholic Church, largely due to the fact that procedures for canonisation do not tend to be initiated until at least five years after the candidates death.

Cometan's relationship with Irene

Cometan was particularly close with his grandmother, Irene, from a very early age; the endearing and loving, yet possessive personality of his grandmother created a laid back demeanour in practically all aspects of life other than in the context of religion. Taylorian would later credit his interest in theology, religion, and philosophy to the many years he spent with his grandmother and cousins going to various churches and experiencing a lay religious life.

However, Taylorian's relationship with his grandmother in particular turned sour when Irene lost her influence over her grandson as he began high school, during which time Taylorian decided he no longer wished to spend his weekends at 222 Longmeanygate. After over ten years of his close bond with his grandmother, this devastated Irene as she understood that Taylorian was growing up and she would no longer be able to take care of him as she had done during his early childhood.

After this time, Taylorian saw very little of his paternal grandparents and was not frequently present during the years of his grandfather's deterioration which lead to Derek Taylor's death in November 2011. It is widely noted that Taylorian had not seen his grandfather a total of six months before his passing and a similar circumstance occurred during the time of his grandmother's death. Taylorian saw his grandmother for the last time two months before her passing during a visit to the hospital in which Irene had forgotten who Brandon was and had mistaken him for another of his cousins. Irene Taylor passed away at 222 Longmeanygate in October 2015, where she had demanded to be moved back to after being admitted into Royal Preston Hospital.

Neither his grandfather, nor his grandmother knew of Taylorian's ambitions to become a philosopher and theologian for although the Year of The Gift had occurred before his grandmother's death, Taylorian did not possess the same confidence in his visions and ambitions then as he did in the years to come.

Campaign for beatification

Cometan formally initiated the process for his grandmother to become beatified in the Roman Catholic Church on 18th February 2020 after visiting the local parish of St. Wilfrid's in Preston, a church that Irene frequented throughout her life. The proposal for Irene's beatification has yet to be adopted by a Catholic bishop due to the fact that such an adoption is likely to only take place at least five years after the death of the candidate which for Irene would be anytime following 16th October 2020.