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considered a subsequence of the ontological outlook of cosmotarianism, the belief that The Cosmos is the only source of fulfilment for humanity’s spiritual, philosophical, and religious needs; an extreme form of aponism.

  • an approach to Astronism characterised by total dedication to the achievement of astrosis (one’s corporeal union with the astronomical world) to the erasement of Astronist texts, figures, events and other “distractions”.


  • Hypercosmocentric | ˈhʌɪpəˈkɒzməʊˈsɛntrɪk | adjective
  • Hypercosmocentrist | ˈhʌɪpəˈkɒzməʊˈsɛntrɪst | adjective & noun
  • Hypercosmocentristic | ˈhʌɪpəˈkɒzməʊˈsɛntrɪstɪk | adjective
  • Hypercosmocentrically | ˈhʌɪpəˈkɒzməʊˈsɛntrɪstɪk(ə)li | adverb

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix hyper-, denoting something over or beyond, conjoined to the word cosmocentrism denoting the worldview based on a centrality of The Cosmos; meaning ‘worldview of The Cosmos beyond the majority.’ 
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