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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Hypercosmocentrism is a post-omnidoxical belief orientation of Cometanic origin and possible omnidoxical inference stating the belief that everything in the world is a distraction and that one’s commitment to The Cosmos or the achievement of astrosis must be prioritised. It has seen various levels of popularity within certain segments of Astronism. It classified as a form of cosmocentrism in which all beliefs and practices are fixated on the achievement of astrosis to the erasement of what it describes as distractions from The Cosmos, an example of which are books about Astronism or figures speaking about Astronism.

Therefore, a prominent form of hypercosmocentrism is known as alingualism which holds an aversion to all forms of written and oral instruction regarding Astronist beliefs and practices. Hypercosmocentric thought essentially states that all spiritual, religious, and philosophical needs are fulfilled through proximation to and devotion and contemplation of The Cosmos.

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