Henry Kirkham (also spelt as Kirkhame; 1618 – ????) was the 12th great-grandfather of Cometan, classified as one of Cometan’s distant maternal ancestors in the Prescott family line. Born in Kirkham, Lancashire, Henry was baptised on 26th November 1618.

His parents were Cuthbert Kirkham (1594 – ????) and Jenett Nickson (1596 – 1656), she herself was buried on 19th July 1656. Henry married a lady named Elizabeth Hall (b. 1622) who had been born Stalmine, Pilling in Lancashire. Elizabeth’s parents were Thomas Hall (b. 1585) and Elizabeth Brown (b. 1589). Henry married Elizabeth on 28th February 1636 in Kirkham. He is thought to have had a son named John Kirkham (1639 – 1744). 

In Cometanic ancestry, Henry is classified as part of the 14th generation retrograde, categorising him as a distant ancestor of Cometan.

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