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Elizabeth Farnworth (née Holden; March 24, 1867 – 1945) was a distant maternal ancestor of Cometan, specifically his 3rd great-grandmother in the Turner family line. Born in Preston, Lancashire, Elizabeth married her husband Edward Farnworth on 1st November 1885 at St Matthew’s Church in Preston, after which she birthed thirteen children, the oldest surviving of whom was Elizabeth Alice Farnworth, the great great-grandmother of Cometan.  

A story about Elizabeth was told to Cometan by his grandmother Hilda. Although Elizabeth had attended Catholic Mass and had brought all her children up Catholic, she hadn’t told anybody that she wasn’t a Catholic. She was until she turned seventy years old when she was baptised in the Catholic Church. 

Elizabeth’s parents were Ralph Holden and Alice Etherington. Cometan’s grandmother, Hilda Warbrick, visited her own great-grandmother sometime in 1944 or 1945 in Preston just before Elizabeth’s passing, a visit that she would relay to Cometan some seventy years later. 

In Cometanic ancestry, Elizabeth is classified as part of the 5th generation retrograde, categorising her as a distant ancestor of Cometan.

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