Elena Pownall (née Fitton; ???? – May 3, 1536) was the wife of the English poet, lawyer and nobleman, Humphrey Newton de Pownall, and is remembered today as the 17th great-grandmother of Cometan. What is known of Elena’s life comes from works by Deborah Youngs and others that have written about her husband. Elena is known to have had at around six children, one of whom was named after her husband as Humphrey to whom she gave birth in 1496. 

Elena was from the Fitton family with her father being Thomas Fitton of Pownall. She lived at Pownall Hall in Cheshire with her husband and children. Elena died less than two months after the death of her husband in March 1536 although her age at the time of death is yet to be disclosed as an exact birth date for Elena is also yet to be verified. 

In Cometanic ancestry, Elena is categorised as part of the 19th generation retrograde, classifying her as a distant ancestor of Cometan.

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