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In Astronism, a dogma is a type of belief that is prescribed as a simple statement whose essence is regarded as literally and incontrovertibly true in order for the Astronist system to function, making it indispensable. This is contrasted with an Astronist doctrine which are always considered dispensable. Essentially, the essence of a dogma is not subject to change, however, its details and different applications are indeed ambiguous.

As of 2021, only five Astronist dogmas exist which are prescribed by the Astronist Institution. Beyond these five statements, the Institution does not speak dogmatically (or in dogmata), even which it addresses or explores these subjects or those related to them. What is meant by this is that even when the Institution discusses the topics within these dogmas, it is not prescribing dogmatic function to its activities so the Institution can and does discuss astrosis, cosmocentrism etc. without everything the Institution says about those topics having to be considered dogmatic.

Dogmas of Astronism

  • Astrosis – personal union with The Cosmos during one's lifetime is possible.
  • Cosmocentrism – the astronomical world is the existential source of humanity.
  • Cosmosis – every animate being unites with The Cosmos upon death.
  • Transcension – salvation by means of the astronomical world is possible.
  • Ultimation – there exists a source to existence from which all else pervades; the intermediary of this Ursource is the astronomical world.

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