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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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In the soteriology of Astronism, depletion, also referred to as deficience, is the instance in which a person, especially towards the end of their life, accepts and expresses that they have not fulfilled the scope that they know they could have done during their lifetime. Depletion is therefore the opposite of repletion in this context.

Feelings of deficience are often combatted with the notion that through the achievement of astrosis, a person’s scope becomes available for manipulation, meaning that there exists post-corporeal scope for those whom have already become One with The Cosmos during which these individuals may then intercede in the cosmic reality once more by bestowing blessings and other conferments upon people that then allows the post-corporeal individual to potentialise themselves post-corporeally before their cosmic cessation at the end of the process of cosmosis.


  • Deficient (adjective)
  • Depleter (or depletor)
  • Depletive (adjective)

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