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Not to be confused with Omnidoxical criticism, an established discipline of study.

The Omnidoxy is viewed to be the seminal work of the philosopher Cometan and the central formative text upon which Astronism was founded. Criticism of the Omnidoxy has occurred ever since both its complete and segmented publication during the years of The Founding of Astronism. In addition to concerns surrounding the authorship of the Omnidoxyomnidoxical fallibility, or the historicity of the Omnidoxy there remains questions of ethics and what material should be included in the omnidoxical canon. All of these questions, which are usually posed and studied by those external to The Institution or by non-Astronists, form the bulk of criticism directed towards the Omnidoxy and are distinguished from established critical study of the Omnidoxy through the discipline of omnidoxical exegesis.

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