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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Criticism of astronality involves expressions of disapproval or questions posed that defy either the existence of astronality or its legitimacy as whatever it may be claimed to be. Criticism has been levied towards the concept of astronality since its formal conception by Cometan during the Founding era of Astronism.

Critical opinions on astronality are typically interlinked with either disapproval or total rejection of the works, ideas and theories of Cometan, as well as perhaps Astronism or astroncy as a whole.

Main criticisms

There are major themes that appear when analysing the body of criticism directed towards astronality. A non-exhaustive list such themes includes:

  • Rejection of the existence of astronality, especially as a distinct phenomena and therefore does not require a label.
  • Rejection of the validity of astronality as an emotion or a collection of emotions.
  • Rejection of the concept of astronality as forming the basis of Astronist experience.

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