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Realms and existences

Three essential existences
The Divine · The Cosmos · The Universe

Three lesser existences
The Mytra · The Betwixity · The Chaos

Three subservient existences
The Metakosmia · The Metagalaxy · The Omniverse

Main concepts, debates and beliefs

Orthodoxical beliefs
Admirationism · Universal createdness · Divine sustainment · Divine interpenetration · Cosmic periphery · Uncreatedness · Triadism · Omnicreativity · Isolated evolution · Cosmological categorisation

Heterodoxical beliefs
The Multiverse · Linear infiniteness · Createdness

Primary contributors and their texts

The Omnidoxy

Related topics
Astronism and creationism · Astronic cosmological comparisons · Cosmology · Eternal return in Astronism
The createdness of The Universe, or Universal createdness, refers to the debate in Astronic cosmology regarding whether The Universe was really created by The Divine. This debate has been caused primarily by the notion of the infinite nature of The Universe. Infiniteness denotes uncreatedness, yet the Astronist tradition affirms the all-creative role of The Divine in its cosmology, hence why this debate has gained momentum.
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