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The course to transcension is the way in which the process of transcension occurs and the events involved within it. This includes a series of obstacles, sub-processes and conditions that are regarded as necessary to overcome and endure in order to lead humanity to reaching the condition of transcensia.

Parts of this process, namely preferment, are considered predestined while other parts are regarded to have emerged as a result of humanity's capacity to make decisions conscious to some or all the different consequences of that decision due to humankind's sapience.

In a similar vein of thought, some regard the controversion of man to have been a necessary and predestined process that humanity has had to endure in order to understand what will not lead to transcension to then realise what will will. The Controversion is also regarded with importance despite its anti-cosmocentricity because with it, Astronism would not need to have been created because the placement of man would not need to take place.

Predetermination in transcension

The degree to which all or parts of this course are predestined remains a point of debate among Astronists. Astronist orthodoxy makes only two statements on this topic which leaves much of its contents up to the interpretation of different Astronist schools of thought.

The first statement says that "there exists a definitive way by which transcension occurs" while the second states that "this occurrence and components parts on based on the original preferment of humanity" which is itself regarded as predetermined.

Essentially, Astronist orthodoxy holds that the original predetermination of transcension was the preferment of humanity which implies that all subsequences of this in human history were also predetermined. However, we can approach this in an alternative way by denying the presumption that preferment means that all that proceeds it is also predetermined.

Other appellations

  • Analiptic course
  • Analiptic path
  • Transcensional course
  • Transcensional path

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