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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Cosmocentrism, also known as cosmocentricity, or the cosmocentric worldview, is the official worldview adopted by Astronism that possesses minor pre-Astronist origins, but was expanded and developed by Cometan during the era of The Founding of Astronism.

Cosmocentrism contrasts with other worldviews in how it gives the astronomical world a central importance in all discourses, both spiritual, philosophical, religious, and political and has become a hallmark of Astronist philosophy as a result. It challenges the worldviews of other religions and philosophies like theocentrism, geocentrism, biocentrism, and anthropocentrism, each place God(s), the Earth, animals and plants, and humans at the centre of thought respectively.

Cosmocentrism is classified as one of The Seven Tenets of Association in Astronism. Cosmocentrist influence can be seen throughout Astronist religion and philosophy from Astronist approaches to philosophical issues to the practical daily lifestyle and religious practices that Astronists ascribe to. As such, cosmocentric thinking commands the entire theme upon Astronism is predicated.

Therefore, cosmocentricity is the centralisation of The Cosmos, its progeny, and its phenomena as the entities and concepts of primary importance theologically and philosophically to those whom follow Astronism. The Astronist Institution considers the vast majority of non-Astronist and pre-Astronist religious and philosophical traditions to be either anthropocentric and geocentric.


The following are considered to be characteristics or signs of a person who is adhered to the cosmocentric worldview or someone who is thinking in a cosmocentric manner:


Cometan contemplated and spoke post-omnidoxically on the topic of the challenge to think cosmically or cosmocentrically and actually described it as "unnatural" for humans as a worldview to take. This is because it demands that humans accept the insignificance of themselves, the species to which they belong, and the planet of which they have resided for all history. These demands of taking a cosmocentric worldview remain some of cosmocentrism's most prominent challenges and criticisms.


  • Cosmocentralise (verb)
  • Cosmocentrist (noun and adjective)
  • Cosmocentralisation (noun)
  • Cosmocentricites (plural)
  • Cosmocentrically (adverb)
  • Cosmocentricism (alternative spelling)
  • Cosmocentricist (alternative spelling)

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