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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The controversion of man, often simply called the Controversion, is the lapse of humanity into a state of misguided self-concern and self-worship, thus dislodging its course to transcension. The Controversion is called such because it contravenes proximity to the astronomical world by adhering to or otherwise embodying anthropocentrism.

In the Sideresis, the Controversion proceeds on from the scope of man and the Enkindlement, events that the Controversion is considered to have damaged according to Astronist orthodoxy while in other branches of Astronism, it is considered to have entirely reversed.

The Controversion caused humanity to descend into a state of Antipode from the astronomical world. It is the primary purpose for Astronism's existence that it reverses this controversion through its placement of man. Astronism thus sees any non-cosmocentric belief, practice or system to be part of the Controversion.

Other appellations

  • Contrarianism
  • Controversionism
  • Controversion of humankind
  • Controversion of humanity
  • Controversion of mankind


  • Contrarian (adjective)
  • Controversional (adjective)
  • Controversionally (adverb)
  • Controversive (adjective)
  • Controversively (adverb)
  • Controvert (noun)

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