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the instance in which a person’s astronality is innate rather than acquired through immersion into Astronism. Contrasted with inastronality.


  • Connastronal | kɒnˈastrəʊnal | adjective
  • Connastronation | kɒnˈastrəʊnaʃ(ə)n | noun
  • Connastronist | kɒnˈastrəʊnɪst | adjective & noun
  • Connastronistic | kɒnˈastrəʊnɪstɪk | adjective
  • Connastronous | kɒnˈastrənəs | adjective

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix conn-, denoting the presence of something from birth (derived from the word connate), combined with the word astronality denoting religious connection to the astronomical world; meaning ‘an innate presence of astronality in a person.’ 
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