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* [[A Conversation with Cometan]]
* [[A Conversation with Cometan]]
[[Category:Cometan and the Taylorians]]
[[Category:Family Members of Cometan]]

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Pre-Production Poster of Cometan and the Taylorians.

Cometan and the Taylorians (sometimes simply the Taylorians) is an upcoming English reality television series and documentary that will centre on the blended family of Cometan, the founder of Astronism.

List of Cometan and the Taylorians episodes

List of Cometan and the Taylorians episodes
No. overall No. in season Title Original air date
Season 1
[Episode description]
2 2

Cast overview

Cometan and the Taylorians cast by season
Name Seasons
Cometan Main
Kieran Taylorian Main
Charlotte Sophia Main
Kent Taylorian Main
Zara Taylorian Main
Jay Taylorian Main
Edie Taylorian Main
Louise J. Counsell Guest

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