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(also known by the epithet Cometan the Contemplator)

(born 1998), British philosopher, astronomer and author; founder and central figure of Astronism

Extended description
From the age of fifteen, Cometan set out on a mission to lead a revival in religious beliefs and practices based on astronomy. He professed a deep spiritual and existential connection to the astronomical world which he later developed into what he called astronality, a major component of Astronism. Cometan believed that widespread enthusiasm for space exploration was best achieved through the establishment of a new culture and system of thought which he founded Astronism as the answer to. Astronism may be followed separately as a religion, philosophy, or political ideology. Cometan continues to disseminate Astronism around the world through his establishment of the Astronist Institution. His historiography of astronomy and religion lead to the recognition of the Astronic tradition, a tradition of religion with prehistoric origins and to which Astronism, astrology, astrotheism and astrolatry belong. Notable works of Cometan include the Omnidoxy, the Astrodoxy, amongst others. 


Astronism a person regarded as having achieved astrosis and as having displayed a particularly intensive astronality.


Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix cometo-, relating to comets, combined with the suffix -an relating to a follower, or system of thought; literally meaning ‘follower of the comet.’


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