Cicily Willan (née Capstacke, also spelt as Capstack; possibly also Consfielde; May 3, 1673 – January 23, 1730) was the 9th great-grandmother of Cometan, classified as one of Cometan’s distant paternal ancestors in the McKerney family line. Born in Dent, Yorkshire (in modern-day Cumbria) to Edward Thomas Capstacke and Elizabeth Burton, Cicily was baptised on the 18th May 1673 likely at St Andrew’s Church in Dent. 

She went on to marry John Willan (1669 – 1735) on 6th May 1693 and with whom she had  George (1693 – 1743), Alice Agnes (b. 1695), Edmond (b. 1698 – 1743), Thomas (b. 1698), Jane (b. 1700), Margaret (1703 – 1781), Anthony (1704 – 1743), John (b. 1705) and Ann (1707 – 1746). It her youngest daughter Ann who connects Cicily to Cometanic ancestry. Cicily is recorded as having passed away at the age of fifty-six in Dent, Yorkshire. Her parents were Edward Capstacke and Elizabeth Burton. 

In Cometanic ancestry, Cicily is categorised as part of the 11th generation retrograde, classifying her as a distant ancestor of Cometan.

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