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Millettarian Philosophy

Non-Astronist Astronic architecture

Archaeoastronic architecture
(Before c.3300 BCE)

Palaeoastronic architecture
(c.3300 BCE – 300 AD)

Classical Astronic architecture
(300 – 1800 AD)

Modern Astronic architecture
(1800 – 2013 AD)

Post-Astronist Astronic architecture
(2013 - )

Astronist architecture
Millettarian architecture

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Cometan Omnidoxy

[3:8:66] A bower, in Millettarian Architecture, as part of gardenry, a purposefully created alcove in the estates of some Millettarian buildings over which branches of trees hang, and may feature stone slabs in the ground that are cosmically ornamented, and is most often used a passage to another section of a garden, but may just be used as a decorative niche.

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