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Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.

Astronic philosophy

Cosmic philosophy

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Astronist philosophy

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Millettic / Millettarian philosophy

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Non-Institutional Astronism

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Astronist mythology
Astronic ideology
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Astronist philosophy refers to the tradition of philosophy that has existed within Astronism and amongst Astronists since the religion's inception and founding by Cometan in the early 21st century. Astronist philosophy is classified as part of wider Astronic philosophy. Astronist philosophy is one of four branches of Astronism demarcated following the Great Elucidation, the other three being Astronist religion, Astronist spirituality and Astronist ideology.

Astronist philosophy is fundamentally concerned with all that is involved in the relationship between humanity and the astronomical world. Astronist philosophy seeks to understand and convey the various different means of interaction between humanity and the extraterrestrial as well as to comprehend the nature of human beings in relation to outer space in the context of the past, the present and the future.

Officially classified as an organised philosophy, Astronism is often described as either a philosophy or a religion, or as a hybrid of both, hence its designation as an organised philosophy. Astronist philosophy is credited having established the basis for cosmic philosophy, another form of philosophy within the Astronic tradition.

Astronist philosophy - equals cosmocentrism - that the astronomical world should be placed at the centre of one’s behaviour, ambition, and thoughts. This includes:

  • Astronomical word as a source of life purpose
  • Space exploration as humanity’s destiny
  • Transcension
  • Contributionism
  • Transhumanist school (through technology), Transcensionist school (through evolution) 

Branches of Astronist philosophy

Branches of Astronist philosophy inform the majority of the foundations of Astronist beliefs and practices as well as the Astronist worldview. Branches of Astronist philosophy include:


Formative influences

Founding of Astronist philosophy





Cosmological and ontological arguments


Soul and spirit




Free will and predestination

Natural philosophy



Astronist philosophy of religion


Influence on space exploration

Other fields


Legal philosophy

Political philosophy

Philosophy of history

Social philosophy


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