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Astronist anti-speciesism (also spelt anti-specism) is the Astronist opposition to all forms of speciesism, especially in the context of religious beliefs indirectly or directly involving speciesist notions. Although strictly part of Astronist ethics, this principle of anti-speciesism emanates throughout Astronism, with particularly important implications for Astronist eschatology and soteriology.

This is manifested through the Astronist belief in cosmosis which is a form of afterlife that involves becoming one with The Cosmos and is achievable for all beings, whether human or non-human, sentient or insentient. Furthermore, schools of Astronism that believe in souls, such as the transtellationists, also believe that both animals and humans possess souls and are therefore destined for eventual cosmosis.

The Astronist Institution continues to regard religions such as Christianity as intrinsically speciesist, particularly in relation to the of concepts of salvation, souls and the afterlife being exclusive to humans from the Christian perspective.

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