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The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism, abbreviated as TIOTPOM, also simply known as The Institution, legally known as The Organisation of The Philosophy of Millettism, and more recently referred to as the Institution of Astronism, or the Astronist Institution, is a philosophical institute, or institution of philosophy, founded by the philosopher Cometan that holds sole proprietorship over Astronism, officially known as The Philosophy of Millettism (and also known as Cosmism, Sophism, Cometanism, or Kosma).

TIOTPOM was founded in 2013 by Cometan as the institution which would solely manage, hold ownership over, and be the organisational representative for Astronism and all the concepts, theories, disciplines of study, and beliefs residing within it. TIOTPOM also solely owns the rights to all the works of Cometan, most notably The Omnidoxy as the founding treatise of Astronism.

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