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Orthographic projection of the South Asian subcontinent.

In the field of philosophical demography, Astronism in South Asia or South Asian Astronism refers to the study of the presence of Astronism involving its diversity, potency, and the nature of its organisation across the countries in the South Asian subcontinent of the Asian continent.

In alphabetical order, this includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

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Inclusive denominational variants
Nepal · Bangladesh · Sri Lanka · Bhutan · Myanmar · Maldives · India · Pakistan · Afghanistan
Main inclusive denominational characteristics
Celesta · Cosmica · Milletticism · Cometanism · Astrony · Cosmicism
Main denominational practices
Multifaricity · Inaptronymity · Appellatology · Appellation · Eponymity · Inaptronymous fault · Polynymity · Hyperappellation · Philosophomastics · Appellational derivation · Appellational category · Cryptonymity · Anthropomorphism in Millettism · Toponymity · Trade appellation · Denominationalism · Astrosa
Related topics
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Independent territories

History of Astronism in South Asia

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