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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Astronism is an organised philosophy that does not in and of itself consist of political affiliation, hence it is an apolitical entity. Any reference to Astronism and politics is a reference to the Astronist Institution's involvement in the political landscape one or a multitude of countries for one of a few reasons:

  • to advance the presence and awareness of Astronism in a country
  • to protect the religious liberties of Astronists in a country
  • to instil Astronist principles in the political system of a country
  • to work towards the recognition of Astronism in a particular country

The principal form of Astronism that developed out of the interactions between Astronism and politics is Astronarianism, which is the ideological branch of Astronism. However, the form of Astronism known as Political Astronism remains distinguished from Astronarianism with the former representing the physical and practical manifestations of the theoretical latter.

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