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From the inception of Astronism in the Omnidoxy, the organised philosophy has clearly taken an anti-abortion stance. This has been further solidified through Cometan's frank opposition to abortion on the grounds of the potentiality of life argument.

However, Astronism, although like other religions it affirms that life begins at the moment of conception, it does take a markedly rational and philosophical approach to the issue of abortion rather than the emotional and religious approach taken by other religious institutions as well as by most pro-abortionist groups.

Circumstantial and permanent arguments

On the issue of abortion, Astronist philosophy classifies arguments according two criterions which are circumstantial (or temporary) arguments and permanent arguments. Circumstantial arguments are arguments based on changeable, remediable, supportable, or time-healing situations often with a variety of potential consequences. Oppositely, permanent arguments are arguments involving unchangeable and irreversible consequences.

It is stated that the pro-abortion movement is largely made up of these circumstantial arguments, examples of which include poverty, drug-abuse, and mental health.

On the topic of abortion on the grounds of rape, this is accepted as a sufficient argument for the ethical conduct of an abortion because the act of rape is irreversible, the emotional trauma and consequences of that action.

From the Astronist perspective, the only grounds on which an abortion is considered to be ethical is in the instance of the fatality of the mother if the pregnancy is continued when concluded by more than one doctor. The argument that women have a moral right to decide what to do with their bodies is not accepted as a valid argument for abortion in Astronism as it is stated that women, upon the moment of conception, are not only responsible for their own body, but are also responsible that of another human being; their child.

Neither accepted as valid is the argument that individual women are able to achieve their full potential if abortion is allowed. This is not only considered to be circumstantial but is even more so considered irresponsible.

The notion that gender equality is achieved with the right to abortion is neither considered to be a valid argument for abortion. This is because gender equality is believed to represent a wider collection of issues that are not dependent upon abortion rights, hence to suggest gender equality is achieved through pro-choice laws is narrowing the definition of gender equality.

Another pro-choice argument is that banning abortion puts women at risk by forcing them to use illegal abortionists. This is accepted as a valid argument against abortion, but is not seen as a valid argument in favour of pro-choice. As a result, the Astronist viewpoint states that measures must be put in place to support a woman who has been refused an abortion so that she understands that whatever her current predicament, it is circumstantial and it is poised to change and that healthcare professionals will be on-hand to guide that change.

Abortion mentality in relation to environmental degradation

Cometan has compared the throwaway mentality associated with abortion to the environmental issues facing The Earth and he has stated that the same underlying mentality is the cause for both of these issues and other issues of moral question.

Cometan asserted that this mentality is associated with a lack of care and understanding for our consequences. Cometan states that he supports the notion that "we should accept responsibility for the consequences of our actions."

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