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the great epic of the Omnidoxy centring on the space opera of the mythologised and super-inserted Cometan and his family with some connection to the stories found in the Jesse Millette and Spacefaring World franchises. It describes Cometan’s disappearance following his endeavour into space to find the legendary and mysterious astronomical elixir. Convinced their older brother is still alive, his siblings follow his trail through space to discover the truth of Cometan’s ultimate fate with a long series of independent and often convoluted stories in the interim.


  • Astroniconic | əˈstrɒnɪkɒnɪk | adjective

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix astron-, denoting Astronism or the astronomical world, combined with the suffix -icon as shortened version of the word nomicon, denoting an Astronist book; meaning ‘book of the astronomical world.’ Likely inspired by Marcus Manilius’ work the Astronomicon, Cometan is recorded as having first coined the title Astronicon during his Master’s Degree in the winter months of The Year of Completion
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