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noun (also Astronic tradition)

one of four major traditions of religion theorised and subsequently established by Cometan that is proposed to have origins during the Upper Palaeolithic and is characterised by its astronomical theme. Contrasted with Abrahamism, Dharmic religions, and Taoic religions.


  • Astronicist | ˈastrəʊnɪsɪst | noun
  • Astronicity | ˈastrəʊnɪsɪti | noun
  • Astronic | ˈastrəʊnɪk | adjective

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, derived from the term Astronic; formed by the prefix astron-, denoting the astronomical world, combined with the suffix -ism denoting a belief system; meaning ‘astronomical belief systems.’ 
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