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Astronic tradition

Astronic tradition
Astronology is the study of the Astronic tradition.

Astronic philosophy

Cosmic philosophy

Anthropological · Cosmological · Multifarious · Phenomenal · Progenial · Terrestrial

Astronist philosophy

Axiology · Aesthetics · Anthropology · Deontology · Dysteleology · Epistemology · Ethics · Logic · Metaphilosophy · Metaphysics · Phenomenology · Philosophy of religion · Ontology · Teleology

Millettic / Millettarian philosophy

Astronic religions


Institutional Astronism / Millettarian Tradition (Institutional denominations)


Non-Institutional Astronism

Pre-Cometanic forms
Astrolatrism · Astrology

Space religion

Astronic mythology
Astronist mythology
Astronic ideology
Astronarianism · Spacism

The Astronic tradition, also referred to as Astronicism, is a form of both religion and philosophy that, as a organised thought tradition, originated in the writings of Cometan during his founding and establishment of Astronism. The Astronic tradition encompasses both Astronic philosophy and the Astronic religions, both of which share the theme of cosmocentric thought, logic, and belief.

Cometan himself proclaimed that the Astronic tradition had existed for millennia in an unorganised form prior to The Founding of Astronism with the relationship between astronomy, religious belief and philosophical discourse having been well-documented pre-Cometanically.

The Astronic tradition claims to be the oldest religious and philosophical tradition in the world replacing the Dharmic tradition which is approximately 5,000 years old. This is because the Astronic tradition draws its roots from prehistoric astronomical religions that stretch back as far as 40,000 years.

The science that studies the Astronic tradition, including its culture, religion, and philosophy, is known as astronology. It is studied by astronologists.

Branches of the Astronic tradition

Astronic philosophy

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Astronic religions

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Astronic mythology

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Astronic ideology

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