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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Not to be confused with Astrospirituality.

Astronality (/ˈastrəʊnalɪti/), also referred to a cosmicality, is a perceptual characteristic inherent to human beings that encompasses all perceptions of the astronomical world, especially when such observations manifest themselves into beliefs, mentalities, and approaches to existentiality. According to Astronist scholarship, astronality holds its roots in human perceptions of outer space which can be traced to the Upper Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age and subsequently formed the foundations of the Astronic tradition.

Astronality come to form the basis of the entire Astronist religion and philosophy in addition to being the single uniting characteristic of the Astronic tradition. The essence of astronality is that the astronomical world, in its composite totality, is a source of existential purpose upon which a variety of philosophical and religious beliefs, ideas and perceptions of the world emerge.

Astronality has been compared to the term spirituality because it can be understood as encompassing all human intellectual, perceptual, cultural, religious, and physical interactions with the astronomical world in a similar way to how spirituality encompasses all interactions with the non-material spiritual domain. Astronality forms, and through Astronism, strengthens the link or connection between astronomy and religion/philosophy/ideology.

Through Cometan's post-omnidoxical development, establishment and revival of the Astronic tradition of both religion and philosophy, astronality is understood to have originated as a fundamental aspect of modern humanity in the form of perception and self-concept. This, in turn, lead to the development of a worldview fixated around the astronomical world which manifested itself through Astronism in the form of cosmocentrism. Essentially, this involves a distinct concern for the relationship between oneself as an individual, and sometimes humanity as a whole, in relation to The Cosmos as the middleground between materiality and spirituality.

The extent to which a person experiences, engages and places importance on astronality is referred to astronicity (or cosmicity). In Astronism specifically, the goal is to raise one's astronicity to the highest possible point for the individual (known as astrosis) and for humanity as a whole (known as transcension). As such, the experience of astronality is intrinsic to Astronist contemplative practice or prayer.

The academic discipline devoted to studying the history, forms, psychological and neurological bases, and the rationale for astronality is known as sentereology.

History of astronality

Development of astronality

"Meeting freedom in the night"

Contemplative prayer 

  • Mysterious gaze of faith fixed on Christ

“Whenever you become aware of a thought, no matter what its nature, let it go.”

Christian mystics - Moving away from the material towards the spiritual

Astronality - equivalent word for spirituality

Astronist mystics - Moving away from the material and the spiritual towards the cosmical

Distinction between the natural, the spiritual, and the cosmical/astronal 

Branches of sentereology

  • Xenological astronality
  • Zoological astronality
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